Choosing a moving company: Here are Some Qualities to Look For…

Choosing a moving company: Here are Some Qualities to Look For…

Moving is stressful enough as is – you shouldn’t have to worry whether your moving company is competent for the job.

Here are a few easy pointers to look out for when deciding on a moving company, to ensure that they are properly experienced and equipped for the job:

Does the company offer a pre-removal consultation?

In order to know how much it will cost to move your whole house before you’ve moved, look for a company that offers an obligation free pre-removal consult.

Here they will tell you how much the move will cost and how long the move might take – allowing you to make informed and accurate decisions.

Keep this mover’s estimate for the moving day as a reference.

Protecting your possessions

Look for a moving company that is able to arrange insurance cover for your items should they incur any damages during the moving process.

The company will only be able to arrange insurance for your items that are being moved once they have evaluated their value.

The company should also provide you with paperwork declaring the condition of your furniture has not been damaged during relocation.

This paper will have to be signed off by a third party, therefore ensure you have a friend or relative with you on your moving day.

Thorough approach

Search for a company that has a complete moving approach.

A moving company should include disassembling and reassembling of furniture as well as waste removal in their services.

The moving company should assist the customer to disassemble furniture in order to move the furniture out of the house and reassemble the furniture in the new house.

All waste should be collected from the house after items have been unpacked from their protective covering by the moving company.

Some companies may even visit a few days later and collect any extra boxes and papers found after you have unpacked most of your boxes.

Look for a company that will also place your boxes in their relevant rooms instead of placing them all in one room – this will facilitate your unpacking process and allow a smooth easy transition.

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