Choosing The Right Company To Assist You With Your Move

Choosing The Right Company To Assist You With Your Move

We talk about all you need to know when hiring a furniture moving company. How to deal with a moving company, what questions to ask a moving company and what materials for packaging do they use?

How to deal with a moving company.

Let the movers know where to park, guide them through all you need moved. Being friendly will assist from both sides to make the move smooth and easy. Let them do their job, no need to peak over their shoulders every 5 minutes, they are there to pack up and move, let them do so. Plan for your pets to not be in the way. Hire a baby sitter if need be to minimise distractions.

What questions to ask a moving company?

Always get a quote upfront for the entire amount, you don’t want surprises later on. Ask about the company’s turn-around time, time is of the essence. Ask what happens if the company damages your items during the move. Is the company fully equipped with the correct materials for packaging and transport? Are the staff professional and friendly?

What materials do they use?

Is the moving company fully equipped to handle your entire move with ease? Do they have the necessary materials to wrap all fragile items and ensure no damage is caused to your belongings? Do they have enough employees to assist with the move to make it as fast as possible? Do they have a proper moving van or truck to ensure all your belongings are secured during transit?

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