Making a Move

Making a Move

Relocation and moving can be one of the most stressful undertakings that life has to offer, with some sources even reporting that moving is comparable to the stress of a divorce. There are a range of psychological motions that occur within the moving process, so, let’s explore the psychological reasons that lie behind the decision to move. Surprisingly, there are many core values behind the decision to move.


Moving out of your parents’ home also means moving out of the shelter of their rules and regulations in order to make your own choices. There will come a time in just about every person’s life where the pull of independence and starting fresh can be too much to ignore and a growth spurt, defined by independence, is in order. After some time, the same will go for roommates and friends – most people, eventually, crave their own company and their own space.

Proximity and Relationships

Many people choose to move so that they can be within closer proximity to family and friends. It can be difficult to navigate life on its own terms without a support system to keep you going when you can’t do so on your own strength. We all need important relationships in our lives. Generally, this kind of move happens as the result of the loss of a loved one or another tragedy. Other relationship-motivated moves include romantic relationships.

Family and Work

Growing families need bigger spaces as well as better proximity to schools, medical care facilities and recreational facilities. People tend to move when their family is facing expansion. In accordance with this, relocation for job purposes is a motivating purpose to move; with many families willing to hire relocation services and travel across the world for better job security, better job opportunities and salary increases.

Removing the Stress

Regardless of your motives, moving remains an incredibly stressful occurrence that can leave you tired physically, mentally and emotionally. Hiring a furniture removing company can eliminate much of that stress and streamline the process for minimum impact. For more information, contact Mr. Move Worldwide or visit their website for more information.

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