Mr. Move Moving Tips

Mr. Move Moving Tips

Moving house can be a complicated process but it can be turned into a stress-free and problem-free experience, when you have a convenient list of things to know before moving out.

Being 100% prepared is the easiest way to make your move go smoothly, in terms of what to expect from your move and what to do to keep the relocation hassle free.

Below we’ve put together two major tips for you to consider before moving from one home to another.

1.       Declutter your home before you move

Do not make the costly mistake of moving every single item you own when moving. Start by decluttering your home first, to avoid this common relocation error. Start by making an inventory of your entire home and then get rid of all items that are useless.

Below are a few reasons to declutter your home before you move:

Declutter results in cheaper transportation costs. More items mean there will be higher transportation costs.

Reduce packing time by decluttering. Packing will be much faster when things have been optimized and organized in advance.

Decluttering will frees up some cash. Consider selling stuff you won’t ever use again, when moving out, giving you cash that can go towards your moving budget, making your move easier to manage from a financial point of view.


2.       Hiring good movers is very important

One of the most important things to do before moving out is to hire good movers to get the job done right. A popular misconception that people make, is that using professional movers is always the most expensive option, but that is not the case.

The thing that should not be forgotten is that DIY move has a number of hidden costs that add up: renting moving equipment, packing supplies and a moving van, the extra cost continue to grow even without factoring in the costs of repairing possible property damage or treating personal injuries.

The most important thing to understand about moving is that full-service moving companies offer a variety of bespoke relocation solutions that will fit different home budgets. Furthermore, professional movers come with insurance meaning you most prized possessions will be in good hands. Doing your research before hiring a moving company is the best way to find the right moving company for you. Mr Move is a professional moving company that has many years of experience and are able to offer packages to suite our clients’ needs.

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