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Packing for a move like a PRO!

Packing for a move like a PRO!

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A person spends ample amount of time making their house a home – from furniture, decorative properties, the layout of picture frames to the creativity it takes to pull all these things together.

To begin to think of taking it all down and packing up can be worrying and should be done with the utmost care and skill.

Where and how you pack your belongings – from smaller items to bigger, whether of more value or less – should all be well thought out.

Your end goal is to essentially have all your property in the exact same condition throughout your move, from packing to unpacking.

We’ve compiled some tips you can follow to obtain a greatly structured packing experience…


A very famous idiom states, “The early bird catches the worm”. Like most things in life getting a fresh and early start can become quite rewarding as well as give you a few extra hours to complete a task. Getting an early start on your packing can be so beneficial and save you much needed time in the end. We don’t often realize the minor distractions that can quickly take our attention away. Procrastination often being the main culprit.


If you have a double storey house and the work load seems impossible, think of your house like a giant wardrobe. When organizing a wardrobe you would normally work from top to bottom, making the work appear less. It can work the same with a multiple storey house. By sectioning your house in different parts/rooms it won’t only aid quicker packing but take away from feeling overwhelmed and flustered.


If you are planning correctly and making good use of the time you have, don’t work yourself into a panic doing several sections all at once. Pack one room at a time, doing this will ensure thorough packing. Remember to always place heavier items to lighter items from bottom to top. Packing orderly and calmly will help to keep all your possessions in perfect shape.


This tip will be really neat to keep in mind, it not only makes things easier to carry/move but also benefits your well-being. While packing we instinctively want to fit as much into one box as possible to lighten the work load and make good use of the boxes we have.

However, when dealing with heavier luggage you want to limit the size of the box and the amount you pack into it. The smaller the box the lighter the weight, the less strain on your back.


Once a section of the house is completed it is extremely important to keep each rooms boxes together and not mixed up with others e.g. Kitchen boxes together, Sitting room boxes together etc. Especially before labelling, you’re going to want to know where each box belongs.


Labelling makes unpacking much more convenient as you will know which room to place each box in instead of rummaging through each one to find its rightful place. Key tip – always add “Fragile” as a label on to every box that has breakable goods. You’ll know to handle those with much more care in mind.


The very last outcome anyone would choose is to have all belongings arrive broken, cracked or scratched. Forking additional money from your budget after a big move to replace or fix damaged goods is without a doubt something you want to avoid. Ensure that fragile goods are wrapped well with multiple layers. Bubble wrap is the ultimate protection layer, best used as a finishing wrap surrounding the newspaper/tissue paper used before.

Bubble wrap is not necessary for wrapping everything, you’ll want to save it for all breakable goods you have.

Your linen, blankets and material things won’t need any protection, therefore can be used as a substitute if ever you run out of newspaper, bubble wrap etc.


If you find you don’t have the time to pack or would prefer a professional team to get the job done, don’t hesitate to give Mr. Move a call or E-mail. Click right over to our “services” page and have a look at what we can offer you.